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Just got back from Seattle and got myself some fancy pens from a very awesome market place called uwajamaya (I dont know if I spelled it right) but more specifically kinokuniya a bookstore that is amazing, they also have a website so check em out.

Anywhosle this be one of my oc’s that I decided to test out using said new pens. So yes. Back in business

#oc #character #design #SWYS #natalie #tesla #Sketchwhatyousee #ink #pen

Kate Hoshimiya! A.K.A Lady Venera
Was doing this while I was watching the series “World conquest Zvesda plot” very entertaining, and I enjoyed the aesthetics, my only beef with it was the main characters outfit. Seeing how it was pretty much a scandaly clad loli girl. So this was my “fixer upper” some hip pauldron things, a corset, and a chest piece. Still practicing with ink. And I need to do more backgrounds.

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