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"Don’t get fresh with Trixie!"

haha, I really like drawing Trixie, and Wizard hats, so cool looking, but with this here doodle I feel like I’m getting my mojo back, had a slight blow to my drive recently, but am just now getting back on the saddle~ anywhosle here be this.

Prints~ I’m working on prints. I’m not dead just prepping for Kuroneko con which is a small but growing con in my area, and I plan to touch up and sell these babies~ I really didn’t like the way my first glaceon drawing came out, so I redrew that sucker and I gotta say I like this version much better. Also my Leafeon and Sylveon WIP’s. They are very much so rough, but its the first Phase of creation~ I’ve also realized I have a weakness for very cute things, and also eeveelutions, really fun to draw. But now comes the tedious task of coloring each of them and making em all look pretty, each of them I plan to have a caption put in but I’m still mulling over the details. Anyway thats my update. Oh yes! I shall also be working with the ever talented Meichuu, a good friend of mine! So I’m excited, this will be my second time selling my works at a booth, can hardly wait. But gotta get back to it so till then everybody keep on sketching.

I’ve realized that my favorite Pokemon just so happen to be the Eeveelutions. all except Jolteon and Vaporeon. I like cute pokemon, and I’m okay with that. So I decided to practice perspective and drawing actual objects for a change, and my Glaceon “Kanpeki”. Man I need more practice, but oh well, must move on to bigger and better things. As always keep on sketch’n everyone~

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